Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook Express

Move your Lotus Notes Mailbox to EML Format in a simple way by using Reliable and Proficient Lotus Notes to Outlook Express Application.

  • Convert entire NSF Mailbox with intact Meta from Lotus Notes to Outlook Express.
  • Do Quick Scan of entire NSF files before Export Lotus Notes emails.
  • No file size limitation at the time of Lotus Notes to EML conversion.
  • Software is Compatible with Windows versions from 98 to Win8
  • Supporting Lotus to Outlook Express versions Lotus 8.5, 8.0, 7.0, 6.5 & 5.0 to OE 6.5, 6.0, 5.0 , 4.01 & 4.0

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Features of Lotus Notes to Outlook Express

Export Lotus Notes to Outlook Express in Bulk

With the help of NSF to EML converter user can convert entire databank holder like Email and any customize folder of mails in bulk mode from Lotus Notes to EML format effectively.

Preserve Meta Data of NSF File

While NSF to EML conversion software is facilitate with so many advance features that are able to preserve all the Meta data attached with the files like hyperlinks, inline images & internet headers.

Scanning While NSF to EML Conversion

Conversion software provides scanning to whole data that is going to be migrated from Lotus Notes to Outlook Express. With the help of scanning user get threat free data after conversion.

Transfer NSF Data Easily with Lotus Notes to Outlook Expresson

Today, at enterprise level email has become the most preferred and fastest way of communication among employees. Therefore, various email clients are being used by different organizations for secure and fast emails sharing. Among these, Lotus Notes and MS Outlook Express are the ordinarily used email clients. Sometimes it happens that a change of job can make it necessary for a person or employee to migrate his previous mail items from Lotus Notes to Outlook Express. This Software Lotus Notes to Outlook Express is only one of it kinds that move your mail and offers you 100% Outcome as per your requirement. Application never ever harms or damages any information of your NSF files.

Reasons Influence to Convert NSF to EML

There are many reasons has occurred to switching from NSF to EML mode. In this entire situation that we present here would need to do NSF to Outlook Express Conversion so if you are searching for an NSF to EML Converter that can successfully Convert NSF to EML, then you can try the Demo version of Lotus Notes to Outlook Express. We show here a small number of common reasons influence you to Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook Express:

  1. High cost and technological knowledge requires in using Lotus Notes.
  2. Outlook Express carries similar features as Lotus Notes in minimal price.
  3. If any organization swaps Lotus Notes email client with Outlook Express email client
  4. If you are having Lotus Notes application in Office and at home you are using Outlook Express as an email client.

You can now Convert NSF Email to Outlook Express using simple way that is presented Lotus Notes to Outlook Express. Our NSF Email to Outlook Express tool gives you authority to Convert NSF to EML a single mail or in bulk amount Emails. For performing Lotus Notes NSF to EML Conversion you have to follow 4 easy steps and Convert NSF to Outlook Express format:

  • Stuff NSF file.
  • Scan Lotus Notes Emails
  • View Lotus Notes Email
  • Export Lotus to Outlook Express EML files.

Visually Understand the Software

To understand the software visually watch this online video. It will definitely help in understanding the processing work of software and will not let you make any mistakes while converting your data from Lotus Notes to Outlook Express.


Some Common FAQ

Yes why not, if you wish to migrate your entire database of Lotus Notes to EML in bulk mode, you have to purchase full version of our Notes to EML Connector tool.
There are 0% chances of data lost, if you have any doubt then run the software and if 1% of data will lost, then customer are provided 100% money back within 30 days.
Simply download the Demo version of Lotus Emails to Outlook Express software and export first 15 Notes NSF to EML format.
You can pay us with different modes like Paypal or credit cards. If you want another mode payment then you can contact us to our Support Team.
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