Export Lotus Notes to PDF Tool

Transmit entire Lotus Notes Mailbox like Inbox, Sent items, Draft box and Outbox in to PDF Format that can be easily Read by Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • Perfectly convert all Mailbox items with Meta into PDF Format.
  • Export Lotus Notes to PDF Create More than one PDF file to store mails.
  • File size limitation is not required at the time of Lotus Notes files to PDF Document conversion.
  • Scanning and Email Preview will be done before Lotus emails to PDF conversion
  • Preserve Hierarchy structure of Folders
  • Supportive with all versions of IBM Notes, Windows and Adobe Reader

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Key Attributes of Lotus Notes to PDF Converter

Batch conversion of NSF Emails

With the help of Lotus Notes folders to PDF converter user can converts unlimited IBM Notes mails at once. Software does not restrict any limit to NSF data they can converts each mailbox like inbox, sent items, outbox and draft in PDF.

save scan report for partition

Scan & Preview NSF Mailbox

Before conversion of Notes email, software will scans entire NSF data so that it will be fault free and threat free. Also user can preview each emails with all its details like Meta, Attachment etc. using the tab of Email Preview.

email meta data

Retain Integrity of Original Data

While conversion of NSF data user are more conscious about their data as it should not be disturb in anyway. With Lotus Notes to PDF Converter it will allow conversion of entire data with all its Meta like CC, BCC, images, links etc.

outlook style interface

Convert Data without any dependency

Here User is independently convert NSF data with the flexibility that they can made more than one PDF file to save their Lotus Notes Emails. Through this software user can separate important mails from ordinary ones.

folder tree

Help in Maintaining the Folder Structure

While converting data from Lotus Notes emails to PDF software will not allow making any harm to the folder hierarchy. No need to worry about the mail if it is kept under so many folders it will remain same after the data conversion.

lotus notes supported version

Compatible with version of Lotus Notes

NSF to PDF Reader is made in such a way that it is having no compatibility issue about the versions of NSF and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Software supports all below and current 9.0 versions of IBM Notes.

Get to Know why Convert Lotus Notes to PDF file

The system of the limited nature of the email application Lotus Notes supports transferring emails from one place to another. Now if a lawyer or an advocate or a forensic investigator must contain the emails with him to review the details of that email to you, then the nature of this specific set of Lotus Notes keep annoying restriction in it. In such a scenario, the NSF to PDF converter that we offer helps you convert PDF NSF, therefore, help to make the emails along with you in PDF format.

Benifits Influence to Convert NSF to PDF

  • Online Benefit is for those who want to see the emails of Lotus Notes in the absence of it. You can see them in PDF without the need of Lotus Notes.
  • Getting to our software and get a new folder (to be appointed to the internal file name NSF). In addition, our product will save separate PDF for each Lotus Notes email to PDF.
  • The art of performance is here. Our software also saves the attachments in a folder with PDF files
  • The Lotus Notes files to PDF solution helps retain Meta data information emails from Lotus Notes NSF to PDF files
  • The software works with almost every version of IBM Notes (8.0, 7.0, 6.5, 5.0) and with almost all versions of Windows (Windows 7, Vista, XP, 98, 2000, 2003)

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Some Common FAQ's

Simply download the Demo version and implement all the features practically. If you feel it's working then purchase it online.
Why not, user can make single PDF for single mails so that mails can be distinguish in to important and ordinary.
Yes off course, to run the software successfully user should have Adobe Reader and IBM Notes on the computer.
Yes, software is able to convert data from NSF files to PDF document in Bull mode.
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